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être libre communications portal


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etre_intouch is the Communications Portal for characters in the pan-fandom RPG, etrelibre_rpg.

Please see our COMMUNITY PROFILE for info on how to apply as a player.

24, alias, ally mcbeal, american psycho, andromeda, angel, babylon five, batman, blade, blade trilogy, bones, brothers & sisters, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, constantine, crime scene investigation, criminal minds, crossovers, cruise, cruise ships, csi, csi: crime scene investigation, csi: new york, daredevil, dark angel, dexter, doctor who, dogma, dr who, dracula, dresden files, drive, dukes of hazzard, elektra, enchanted, er, escape from la, fandom, fantastic four, fast and the furious, fight club, final fantasy, firefly, ghost whisperer, ghosts, gilmore girls, gossip girl, green arrow, grey's anatomy, hannibal, harry potter, hellboy, heroes, highlander, house, house md, indiana jones, jumper, kill bill, kindred, kindred: the embraced, la femme nikita, law & order, life on mars, lost, marvel comics, matrix, matrix reloaded, matrix revolutions, miami, movies, multi fandom, multi-fandom, multifandom, natural born killers, ncis, nightmare on elm street, niptuck, ocean's eleven, one tree hill, pan fandom, pan-fandom, panfandom, phantom of opera, pirates caribbean, pitch black, practical magic, pretty woman, raider, resident evil, ripper 2, role-playing, role-playing game, roleplay, roleplaying, roswell, rp, rpg, runaways, scarface, sex and the city, ships, smallville, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stargate, supernatural, sweeney todd, television, television shows, terminator, the matrix, the mummy, the office, the pretender, the x-files, tomb, tomb raider, torchwood, tru calling, twilight, ugly betty, underworld, vampire: the masquarade, veronica mars, weeds, will & grace, writing, x-files, x-men, xena, xena: warrior princess