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[delivery] to lisa cuddy

A bouquet of white roses and a box containing a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals left on the stoop to Bungalow 8 with anonymous note that reads:

"Was told women like this kind of thing."

[Email] House to Wilson

Hypothetically speaking, how does one go about convincing a certain stubborn administrator to go for another night out without actually calling it another "date"?

Email to Wes


Haven't seen you around. You still here or just holed up in your room like some library geek?

-- Faith


We just like to remind everyone that tomorrow at approximately 2.46pm, we will experience a solar eclipse over the island. This is a remarkable event and according to island history books, has not occurred in over fifty years. Damn, didn't realise this place even existed that long.

We encourage you to enjoy the phenomenom, but do NOT look directly at the sunlight. This can cause permanent damage the retinas. Reception has on offer special glasses for this purpose and also some employees will be handing them out around the resort during the day. Please use them with diligence.


Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Resort Manager


I have never tried one of these things in my life, and have no idea why I am now. But humour me, who else is hanging out in their room waiting to wake up back home?

[Email] Private to Oliver


You still here?

- Hermione

[EMAIL] Chase to Rogue

I hear congratulations are in order.

- Chase

[EMAIL] To Fox

We seem to keep missing each other. Considering another tattoo just to get your attention ;)

Miss you.

- R x